I think we ought to retire ‘god.’

The name decommissioned

and made defunct.

People mean so many true things

and ‘god’ obscures them.

They realize (how could they not)

and touch and prod the soddy

earth, and god at great right angles

removes their fingers.

And when we retire ‘god,’ we retire


god is not gone if god is

anything at all.

Let us love and sing and wonder

and that be all.

Let us ask a resounding ‘why?’

as we search the earthy ‘how?’

I think we ought to turn our eyes

from godly things and attend to

children and trees and the soft

paper beneath the hard words;

attend to the profane.

Why? If it is real, it needs no name.

Doesn’t the word look strange

now that you have seen it?

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