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my story

Kilele means "peak" or "summit" in Swahili, the lingua franca of East Africa. The mountains of Kenya and Tanzania are where I learned to climb and learned to shoot — and remain where I learn the most about myself.


I was born in Kenya and was raised exploring the bush. My family lived with the Maasai on the border of Tanzania — an American family in a deeply African world. My own story, full of complicated identities and dynamics, always led me to others. That’s why I make my living doing two things: telling stories and helping people find their own.


I’ve contributed to the Alpinist, Climbing Magazine, Nomad Magazine, Wilder Magazine, The Boston Globe, Gym Climber, the Star and Standard newspapers in Kenya, Nashville Fit Magazine, the Belmont Vision and many others. I work in writing, photography, and video.


I have taught for leading outdoor educators across the world, including NOLS and the North Carolina Outward Bound School, and have expeditioned across East Africa, the United States, and Patagonia.

I tell stories of grit, growth, and joy — stories of humans finding a home on this remarkable rock we woke up on. I tell stories of the wilderness, which simply means the places that are hard to get to: geographically, historically, socially, spiritually. Stories about how we find purpose and peace at the edges of our comfort zone. I want to share my own; I want to hear yours.


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