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How can we work together?

I want to help people build new narratives together around complex and apparently intractable situations. I have extensive cross-cultural experience helping very different people better understand one another and thereby themselves. This has ranged from mediating between adjudicated youth and their families to peacebuilding between armed pastoralist groups, conservationists and the Kenyan government. The stories I see and hear and can then translate have always been the single most important tool I have to help me do this.


I specialize in helping international actors from the world of conservation, international development and humanitarian aid work with rural communities in more collaborative, relational, and interdependent ways. If you have a confounding conflict you need to navigate; a rural area you hope to access for your project in a way that genuinely respects local communities; or a complex story regarding the same that you want to share with the world in a way that is beautiful, nuanced, and generative, I’d like to work with you.


This can be through direct dialogue and mediation, such as serving as a facilitator or organizing a environmental peacebuilding experience, through the development of media (writing, photography or film), or through a combination of the two. I partner with experienced filmmakers and facilitators to provide these services, meaning I can pull together a team for whatever it is that we need to do together.


Due to the complex nature of the dynamics I enjoy working with, there is no one-size-fits-all solution– in fact, I shy away from the idea of solutions at all. Life is only ever a process in which we change, err, and grow together. I use this site to try and give people as clear a sense as possible of my philosophy and approach. If it resonates in a significant way, let’s be in touch.

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