"We cannot happenstance hope..."

We cannot happenstance hope

And redemption will not be controlled;

A tether on perilous slopes,

That will not fray as it grows old

And will not wait til we are bold,

Haunting us wanderers with grace

Before into labor we’re sold,

Before we are sent from this place.

We can’t explain away harm,

And when immersed into tragedy,

Flippancy loses its charm.

Questioning if we’ll be ever free

Under the shade of the knowing tree,

Here we are stricken by blame.

If the Messiah we were to see,

We would not know him by name.

We have no license to know

How, if ever, the world comes to end.

Defeating the purpose of hope

Is the truest of cardinal sins.

Doubt is the first thing to cleanse,

Also the first for forgiving,

So hold fast to the truth that it sends

If it shadows the path of your living.

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